Monday, December 1, 2008

Would we be House Hunting Next Year?

Sure, the real estate industry in the country isn't as booming or promising, not even as rewarding, as Wilmington NC real estate but it still does offer a lot of options right now. More specifically, more flexible and workable payment options that is.

So a SAHM in her 30s who is heeding her ticking biological clock (like me) can consider investing on a home without having to forego babymaking as well. Pag-Ibig has certainly made it very doable, especially if you're willing to settle on something good as opposed to your ideal home. After all, most of those who do get to purchase their dream homes are in their retirement years already, after years of hard work and vigilant saving, and only really after all the chickens have flown the coop.

So, would we be house hunting next year? Most probably. I'll just insist on three bedrooms at least, no matter how small, so that there'd be a girls' room and boys' room aside from our room. And a yard for Yakee to play in, of course.

Life rewards the brave and the diligent, so am sure we'd do alright.

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