Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yakee Today

Yakee slipped in the CR when I was momentarily distracted by my sister's chatter while bathing him. Good thing, everything was in slow motion so he was more surprised than hurt.

He also loves the carollers so we're being forced to give them money for entertaining him (supposedly, we'd only be generous on the 24th). I got a little bit inventive and started singing carols to him while beating an ice cream container. He started preferring my carols and got scared of the carollers.

Weird kid.

I also exerted effort for him today, buying him merienda at Chowking and venturing out with him on my own. Unfortunately, that didn't amount much to him, he still refused to be fed by me all day.


I just tell myself that maybe, he really likes the space away from Mum.

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