Saturday, January 31, 2009

Babies and TV Sets

Firstly, I will admit we didn't really babyproof our house much, mainly because there's that setup of always having someone watching my child. Most of my son's major falls were DIY, freaky accident things anyway.

But who knew he'd think it will be great to make tv stands into good hiding places! He literally stashes his favorite toys, especially the ones he's trying to keep out of his 10-month old cousin's reach, inside ours. Unfortunately, he's also thought our DVD players are extra cabinets so he has officially broken one appliance without us knowing he was doing it. We thought he was just throwing his toys under the stand, or putting them on top of the players. I had not realized he's actually used some of them to prop open the disk plate (or whatever you call that).

Picture to follow!

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