Sunday, January 18, 2009

Does he talk yet?

My son babbles a lot. But no, he doesn't really talk yet.

He repeats a lot of words. And yes, he'd have moments when he'd actually say a word, like Mama and Papa (weird, we refer to us as Mommy and Pappie), goodnight, wow, dog, etc.

He does sign language though. Right now, we're trying to teach him more words to sign but I think he feels that we should be satisfied with eat, milk, bath, sleep, thank you and sorry. He says MAM when he wants to drink so he never felt the need to do the sign, no matter how we repeat it to him. And he does the sign for Mom for both Mommy and Pappie. Hehe.

Am I worried his speech is delayed? Nope. I've accepted that he's not like his cousin Py who talked straight before he turned one. I'm actually bent on being more vigilant in teaching him sign language so that he'd have less tantrums when he can't express yet what he wants.

Right now though, if he wants crackers or cereals, what he does is take our hand and lead us to the cereal jug. Hehe

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Lei said...

Adrianne is also like that and i want her to learn more about signing. maybe i should have started before she turned 1.