Saturday, January 3, 2009

Heavy Babies

My son weighs 14.5 kilos at one year and three months. I think that's actually pretty average for his age and I am very thankful that he's a healthy weight. We just met a 9-kilogram three month old. Sure, he's cute and all but imagining my son that heavy at that age, when he's very demanding to be held and carried all the time, my hips would probably have given out (or my back!) and i'd probably be needing treatment for Plantar Fasciitis by now.

Then again, that child isn't breastfed while my son is, up till now. So although I have to get my bones checked for signs of calcium depletion (my teeth have gotten worse already), my mind is at peace about my son's health. I doubt he'd have been walking so early and so fast if he were a heavy child.

So I really wish more moms won't silently applaud themselves for having overweight babies.

And yes, I guess I am not-so sbtly implying that obesity begins with moms. Hehe.

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