Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maternity Nice-to-Haves

Of course, infanticipating moms most need proper nutrition, care and medical attention. All the rest are just really nice to haves.

Now, if a woman is looking to be a gestating fashionista, there are trusted brands she'd probably encounter when looking for maternity outfits and nursing wear. Belly Bandit is known for products offering support to a woman's back when her tummy is already big. Bella Band, on the other hand, is known for the transition belts they offer so that one can still wear some of her loose/bigger outfits but her tummy will still be covered. It also acts as a sort of belt for jeans or pants, when you can't button them anymore but they still otherwise fit.

One really nice tip I got from the LATCH seminar I attended is the use of Bella Bands when you're already nursing. Even if you don't spend on nursing tops, you can just don the band and just raise your shirt/top up to give your baby access to your breasts. This way, you won't feel self-conscious about your tummy or stretch marks when you're nursing in public. Yes, Moms are more conscious of their tummies than their breasts. Hehe.

Maternal America offers more options for moms who want to stay looking smart and sexy. Think bathing suits and shorts, kimons and dresses, pants and jeans that are all maternity wear. Tthe tankinis will even come in handy post-partum if you still haven't lost all the baby weight and the baby bump hasn't yet shrunk, but you're going swimming with friends and family.

But at home, the husband's shirts usually provide all the comfort a pregnant woman needs.

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