Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Milk, Less Pills

Moms who binged over the holidays, raise your hand!

I'm pretty sure, about 90% of moms, even the strictest dieters and health buffs, enjoyed the holidays for all its worth. And enjoying usually means delicious food, those creamy, sweet things that normally we can resist throughout the year. But not during the holidays. Never during the holidays. Denying oneself would feel sacriligeous even.

Non-nursing moms will have the luxury of looking up the benefits of pills like Fentraphen, but lactating moms can do them one better. Producing more milk will up the metabolic ante and they might be spared serious exercising to lose the added flab (not that exercising, in general, have a lot of good benefits).

But what if your child is already eating solids and do not require as much milk anyway? You can still trick your body into producing more milk by pumping more often (help yourself by taking some galactagogues too). You can either store the milk for use when you're away, on vacation, or for your kids' cereals. You can even be generous with these and donate to milk clinics and hospitals. Or, just throw them away.

And then feel the calories burn.

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