Sunday, January 11, 2009

Torn Between Back and Weaning

Unfortunately, I have these weird idiosyncracies... like being unable to sleep if my feet aren't comfortably stretched, or if am between people (or lying between a person and a wall). I feel claustrophobic.

And then there is that fact that breastfeeding my son while lying down keeps me awake, especially on those nights when am not tired enough to fall asleep like that, and he insists that my nipple remain in his mouth.

Sometimes, I really find myself wanting to wean him already. And then I feel guilty for wanting to put my needs and wants first before his overall health and well-being. But i'm just human. And my back starts aching after a day or two, which is why I usually need a massage to get the kinks on my back ironed out, all from the weird sleeping posture.


And it doesn't help when I try computing how much more of this i've got to take if I take into consideration two other kids.


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