Friday, January 2, 2009

Twin Trees

You know that thing some people do, mostly grandparents I think, where they plant trees as a sort of twin of a newborn in the family? Some plant Persimmon trees because of the "fruit of the gods" association while others prefer hardy wood trees, all with the hope that both tree and new baby will grow strong, sturdy and bearing fruit (or wood). It's also quite a poetic appeal that both will weather the test of time.

I sort of wanted to do that. I think it would be very nice to point a tree in my parents' yard and tell my son, "That's your twin tree Yakee. You are growing together." And wouldn't it be neat if someday, he'd be gathering the tree's fruits and feeding it to a girlfriend or his own son?

But since I rarely visit my parents' home in Lipa anyway, I figured i'd probably do that in my own backyard instead. I'll make it the house's twin instead.

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