Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Babies Makes Moms Shopaholics

I'm not really a shopaholic, to start with. But ever since baby came, it's really been a struggle to resist sales.

Case in point, today. Hubs and I have already agreed that we'll only buy our son one new outfit monthly and one gift/treat weekly that wouldn't exceed P200. And none if somebody gave him one already.

But what's a mom to do when the son she loves so much is now really responding to books and books just happen to be on sale at Toys R' Us? Tell me, what's a Mom to do?

I did restrain myself though. I only bought him a picture book that cost P55 and a story book that cost P30.

But yeah... I bought him three books just last week. I really should restrain myself more.

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www.katobengke.com said...

you seem more excited because I have a sweet child.
Can we come ...