Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Disconnected Mom and Daughter

A friend shared to me the story of a mother who posed with her daughter and gave an interview about not loving her own child.

My friend cried buckets about over this story and felt so much for the girl.

Others, I know, were horrified that she didn't do the interview anonymously and even posed with her daughter.

Me, I can actually relate to the Mom, in the sense that although a part of me instinctively loved and felt responsible for my child even when he was still in utero, a part of me also has always stayed detached from him, and what I have with him.

It's that part that sometimes lets him cry because I don't want anything to do with him anymore... or just wandering whether I can actually care for him.

And honestly, even if the Mom went a little overboard by not going the anonymous route, I felt sorry and sad for her.

And I actually hope that what the girl would feel is relief. Relief that her mother has just acknowledged to the whole world that there was something wrong with her, and that nothing was wrong with Catherine. There is that fine distinction to that, and I hope Catherine, despite her 11 years, will have the grace to actually feel sorry for her own Mum, eventhough she was denied of maternal love as some people know it.

And really, I hope they can bridge more of the disconnect now that it's out.


Besides, I find the octuplets' mom more heartless, irresponsible and less deserving of the Mom title.

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