Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feeling for the Killer

Much has already been said about the lastest Ateneo incident wherein a 10-year old boy was killed.

It IS a tragedy. I don't think there will be any words that can truly comfort the grieving family.

But I just hate it that the media is sensationalizing the tragedy. I'm all for using what happened to bring about good changes to protect future victims, but I hate that they're exploiting the story.

And it's not that I want to defend the driver who killed the boy. It's just that whatever evidence and testimnoy and interview they come up with, I just also really believe that the driver didn't go on that school run to kill someone. She's a mother too. A mother who now is sure to go to jail, leaving her family behind. She's not some drunk driver targeting innocent kids for kicks. Sure, she has to suffer the consequences of her actions, that is the legal and moral thing to happen. But I do wish people will also find it in their hearts to find compassion for her (or at least, mercy)... and at least consider that she has a child/children who may hear that their mother is being crucified for what is really an unfortunate accident.


I'm praying for both the Alcantara and Torres family. May true friends help them heal and move forward.

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