Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Son, My Valentine

Hubs has already told me he has to work come Valentines. So dashed are my hopes of a day trip at Balay Indang.

I wonder if there's anywhere I can rent a tuxedo from for my little boy, so I can wear my new dress again and we could go on a date of our own. Sorta like playing prom, but Queen Mommy is going with her Little Prince instead.


I can't wait to actually go on 'dates' with my son... hopefully I will be able to make him appreciate women in a more healthy and loving way so he'd be good to them. And I know it will be bittersweet when he's really dating and romancing a girl his age (please, always someone his age!), when Mommy is no longer the greatest love of his life.

But hey, I still have some 12 years or so at least... with him.

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