Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prejudice Against SAHMhood

I'm not saying I don't have prejudices myself... or that I didn't have moments too when I felt (or thought) that some woman threw a good career away to follow her husband abroad, or be a SAHM.

But those times happened generally before I became one, and before I appreciated (and somehow take pride) in how intelligent, independent women are the ones making the choice to stay home for their kids.

It's actually becoming a sort of trend now. In my husband's peer group, there are at least 3-4 of them with SAHM wives (or WAHMs) and two of us are considering homeschooling.

A former colleague just commented on how I threw away my years of service in my former company. True. But I just told him it seems more of a waste to throw away the chance to raise my son firsthand when we have the chance, despite the global economic crisis.

And no, I wasn't annoyed at all. It even seems a little funny how that's what comes to other people's minds (even my parents, mind you) when they hear someone's a SAHM/housewife. Just goes to show how much we've been Westernized... good thing even the West is slowly coming back to making the home the ultimate must-work-for company.

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