Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep, Mommy, Sleep

One of the surefire ways for a new Mom to lose her bearings is by not getting enough rest and sleep.

It was one of the mistakes I made, which I later found out is pretty common for every new Mom. While still reeling with the changes of the latest addition to the family, one that is very demanding at that, we also tend to feel pressured to be super Mom. We have to be the one taking care of baby. We have to be the one to do everything for them. When the fact is, the only thing we should really do because we alone can provide it is nurse them. The rest, Daddy can do, or the helpful, excited relatives.

Plus, the other chores can wait, can be delegated, or are just not that important.

We need sleep. Otherwise, we might drop our own angels out of exhaustion. And we'd have less loving, doting moments for baby when we're cranky and fatigued ourselves. And baby will feel all the negativity and blame himself (they're egocentric, you know!) and will fuss because of it. So prevent from the same vicious cycle from happening to you.

Get rest. Get sleep. Every Mom needs her sleep. The long hours of uninterrupted sleep will be an unrealistic expectation but one-hour naps along with the baby are more than achievable!

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