Monday, February 23, 2009

Summer Heat Can Help

Mommies who want to lose some (or lots) of weight should do well to use summer to their advantage.

First, the heat can't help but actually burn more calories, whether you're exercising or not. It even sometimes help us lose appetite (maybe because digesting food generates more heat and our bodies unconsciously tell us it's not interested?). Then there's the fact that it makes us want to drink and drink and drink, which helps in losing weight, and also makes us full.

Other things that could make us forego diet pills for the meantime (or for good) include all the out of town trips we'd probably be doing, and the swimming/beach activities popular during the summer. Don't they say swimming is great because it exercises all muscle groups? And you need not do it in the height of day, when the sun is hottest anyway. Night swimming is just as rewarding (and maybe even romantic).

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