Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At Least, Concerned

Around two weeks ago, nephew was being exceptionally high-need and cranky. And there was this dinner time when he was just inconsolable. I asked my SIL what she thought triggered the crying, screaming spell and she said that Ice wanted to go after Yakee but cannot, since he couldn't even stand up on his own yet. He was 11 months.

I asked her when their next pedia visit is, and raised my view that delays in some milestones in a child aren't necessarily a cause for concern (since they develop at their own pace) but if nephew was getting super frustrated because of his delays, then there may be something that has to be looked into. After all, the downside is that a child may have some issues to be addressed and may require therapy.

After a little while, with nephew still screaming his head off, SIL prepared to bathe him for bedtime. She saw ants on nephew's diaper area! No wonder he was screaming his head off, his precious jewels and bum were being bitten by ants!!!

I really had to laugh about all my concerned hypotheses. Poor nephew. He was okay after being washed.


My former boss shared to us how she noticed that there was smething off with her 5th child. Since it was her 5th child, she knew that her son's delays are not 'normal' especially when compared with those of his siblings.

It became all the more transparent to her when she went on maternity leave with their 6th child. Because she now had time to really spend at home, she grew bothered. But her hunt for a Dev Ped proved frustrating for her post-partum self since the earliest she could get in terms of appointment was February (she gave birth in October). She said she cried and cried all the time over her 5th child and even had to pay more attention to him than her newborn.

Luck was kind and a cancellation allowed for an assessment. His son IS delayed in terms of speech, social and emotional development. He's started therapy and the improvements were palpable. This also allowed her, as a mother, to gain new perspectives. She looked at her brood and realized that her 2nd child also had a problem.

Turned out, she was right. Her 2nd has ADHD. She was congratulated because they have managed it as a family so far since the 2nd child was not flunking school or anything. And again, she is thankful for the new perspective. The fact that her kids have special needs are intimidating for them, but she says at least they can be addressed now and she has resigned herself to the changes that will be required of her as a Mom.

I have always admired my former boss for her trooper attitude. And despite the number of kids, she has always been someone who was able to balance both career and family. No wonder God makes sure she and her hubs CAN provide for their brood.

And really, thank God that there are now systems in place for kids with special needs.

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