Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dang Stage Mommyness

Is that even a word?

Anyway... am really always annoyed to check my messages at Babycentral.com.ph and read appeals from moms to vote for their child when I don't even know them. I mean, I get mommies asking friends to support their child in a contest or something, but that is just simply ridiculous!

They do offer to also vote for my child, if I have an entry too... but what is the point of exchange voting? Sorry, but i'd still rather the cutest child wins rather than one with the most hardworking vote beggar of a Mom.



Yes, this Mom has her period.

1 comment:

jah said...

hay naku mec... the things some moms will do just to make their kids win in these kind of voting contests... some would go to the extent of spending hours and hours just sitting in front of the computer doing the voting themselves. now talk about cinareer!