Friday, March 27, 2009

Del Monte Tomato Sauce Scandal

I am scared to click on any links because I don't want to hurl, especially since we had a tomato-based dish just recently. But from the reactions of those who have seen the photos, it looks like you'd want to take Colonix after. Something about rats hearts?


Then again, I once heard of a story wherein my friend's friend bought something in the grocery only to find an itty bitty mouse inside which seems to have fallen head first into the jar, then the jar was filled with the product (I have forgotten what!) and none were the wiser until her own son pointed it out to her when they were shelving their purchases. It was such a hassle complaining about it though (because she had to take it to this and that, file this and that) so she didn't bother anymore after her initial complaints.

I guess she wasn't a blogger because she could have just blogged about it.

But anyway, us Moms should really be careful what we buy... and check asap while still in the grocery. Expiry dates, bottling, canning, molds and rust, these things are something we always have to check out for.

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