Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Diet with a Banana

We are always considering weight loss products but are also usually scared what their side effects must be.

Nanay Ines from Arugaan shared with us a banana diet that is sure to flush out toxins and result in weight loss that is a lot like the banana diet that's all the rage in Japan right now.

The diet will run for five days. On the first day, you should eat FIVE bananas for every meal and nothing else. You have the option to choose your poison, so to speak (señorita, lakatan, latundan or boiled saba). For water, you will have to drink young buko juice (the one we call malauhog).

The second day, you need to eat FOUR bananas for every meal and drink the same. And so on. So on the last day, you will only need to eat ONE banana per meal.

She says this is guaranteed to really cleanse the body and result in safe weight loss. And one need not fear that they're being depleted of nutrients because buko juice is filled with electrolytes and bananas are very nutritios food.

And of course, just like with any diet, this shouldn't be abused. Maybe once every quarter is enough?

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