Monday, March 9, 2009

LATCH Certification Program

LATCH, Inc. is expanding. From 8 co-founders, they have just recently started training 25 other peer counselors, myself included. This is a step forward with them in their breastfeeding advocacy, training educated people to help other educated people in a ripple effect of breastfeeding awareness.

I really appreciated that they defined what they are not (those lobbying for laws, those going after milk companies, etc)... and what they are about (working little by little to infiltrate the big hospitals so nurses and doctors alike can be educated on/supportive of breastfeeding and targeting educated couples to start a generation of better informed parents).

The training program for us isn't finished yet. But we have finished with two days of lectures and practice activities to prepare us in becoming breastfeeding counselors.


Needless to say, I enjoyed myself immensely. The hardest part was leaving Yakee behind two days in a row (I believe he felt my anxiety over that because he'd wake and fuss just when i'm about to get ready in the morning!). But the Moms I met there were great.

I was also mildly intimidated, because half of them were momtrepreneurs while I was a plain SAHM.


I also realized that my electric Pigeon breast pump really makes A LOT of noise! There were at least six or seven pumping Moms who attended the training and I didn't even hear a peep from their pumps!

Of course, I think two of them used manual ones but still...


Meeting Nanay Ines was also intimidating and inspiring. I love the breastfeeding-inspired day care she started (Arugaan) even if I know I won't ever go vegan. I am looking forward to learning more from her.


I used to be a reproductive health counselor. I used to have counseling skills... and I know I was pretty effective. But I have to learn all those skills all over again.

In a way, I don't mind. I should stop wanting to be good at things and just focus on doing good.

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verabear said...

Hey, I think it's wonderful that you're involved in something like this, kudos Mommy Mec :)