Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthdays are for Mommies

I have a friend who's organizing the first birthday of her daughter. She still hasn't decided on a theme, wondering if she'd do the generic princess/fairy themes or go for something more.

It made me smile to remember just how much I put into my son's first birthday party planning. I made newsletters, for heaven's sakes! He was wearing a Quidditch Robe and I even had Gryffindor badges made! So I totally get parents looking for ships to rent, or equestrian apparel, or paying thousands for balloon decor.

Well, apart from directing her to suppliers I know are good, I just wished her well. And yes, I offered to digiscrap the invites for her too. She's a friend after all.

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May said...

Birthdays are for mommies indeed! I'm the type who really digs in and I get carried away with the DIY stuff. If I can help it, I would rather avoid a fast-food party package and go do the planning myself. I like this kind of stress. Hehe.