Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy Wars

Well, it wasn't a war exactly.

After all, I was blessed with an MIL who knew her boundaries. But still, vacationing with her proved a struggle in its own way. She parents differently than I do, and her son and my son were caught in the crossfire lots of times. Thankfully, hubs was always on my side, since we talked about and continue to talk about how best to parent our child. And I managed the grace to pick my fights.

So my son ended up drinking a lot of juice (because i'd rather he drink water and eat fruits, not drink sweet drinks that are never really that healthy). And eating fruits before meals (and not eating much of his main meals). I also had to allow for more mess than usual, and tolerate more spills and stains on my son's clothes.

I still really enjoyed our vacation even with this particular stress. At least I can't fault my MIL for not being a doting grandma. And I know that there are worse kinds of MILs out there.


May said...

I know what you mean. I have the best MIL but whenever Isaac stays over, he comes home not wanting to eat a proper dinner (because he gets to eat sweets and stuff), comes home with marbles (which is definitely not allowed at home because Sophia puts everything in her mouth), and all sorts of stuff. Which also explains why Isaac LUVS staying over at their house on weekends. A bit stressful, but I've learned to pick my "battles". If it's something I feel strongly about, I voice it out... otherwise, if I can let it slide... like too much sweets and softdrinks and chips, I guess it's ok. At least it's back to rules here at home. Despite that, even I can't fault MIL and FIL for being the doting grandparents that they are. They just love the kids so much, they'll give in to almost every whim. And yes, there are worse people out there, and our inlaws are nowhere near that kind.

Olivia said...

I completely agree with the need to choose your battles when it comes to these things...sometimes though I find it hard to let go of the way I want things done.

You are blessed not only with a doting MIL but also with a husband who stands by your decisions even when pressured by the mom. =)