Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Health Conscious

When I became a wife, I became more health-conscious. More so when I became a parent. Now, I literally compare ingredients and caloric content. Now, I consider drinking softdrinks sinful and seldom give my child juice (unless he squeezed it himself using his own hands when he's eating fruits in season). And always, I try to go for healthier options.

Popcorn was the ultimate junk food i'd allow, but that was till Holy Kettle Corn changed their packaging and compromised the quality of their product.

And though I love it when my son eat fruits, I don't let him snack on them generally (especially since he loves mangoes and grapes and bananas) so as not to spoil his appetite for veggies and main meals.

Now, i'm even checking out a natural health forum sometimes, just to keep up with news and options. I especially frequent the threads on diabetes because hubs' parents both have it and my Mom has it, so the chances of both hubs and I developing diabetes later in life is big.

True, I have not gone totally organic or vegetarian... but apart from binges, our daily fare is generally healthy food. Which is why I love being applauded for my son's voracious appetite for veggies.

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