Thursday, April 2, 2009

Motherhood's Reward

I was having a hard time sleeping due to a headache that's been constant the entire week. But my son insisted on nursing while he slept. After more than three hours in the side lying position with him, I snapped and refused to nurse. He cried, was restless, etc.

I gave in, in the end, and managed to fall into a fitfull sleep at around 6:30 AM.

We both woke up just before 11 AM, with my son's eyes twinkling wth delight. As we were about to go down the stairs, I hugged him in my arms and told him, "I love you." Imagine my surprise when he replied with a distinct, "Ay Wab Wu" in the same singsong tone I used.

Talk about being sleepy and drowsy one minute and being fully awake the next!

And yes, without prompting too! :)

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