Sunday, April 19, 2009


I felt Yakee and I needed a break from each other. He's taken to toying with my breasts when he's bored and we haven't spent a minute apart for over a week now so I went shopping and doing errands without him. I figured it would do us both good.

I had visions of maxing out hubs' credit card on a new wardrobe since everything I own is more than snug.

I went home with a new pair of shoes for my little one instead. Because it was on sale. And mostly because i've gotten used to him owning many pairs at once.

Babies grow up so fast and little boys outgrow their shoes in a jiffy. But not that fast... I know. Still, my son has a new pair of shoes. And I settled on shoes because I said he has to maximize his Crocs as sandals.

And I still don't have any new clothes. Not even new undies.


I also bought a new set of flash cards for baby! He proceeded on throwing them about as soon as he had them.


He was included in the baby gallery of "I Love the Water" (?) of Baby Magazine (April 2009 issue).

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