Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Teaching Violence

I think I accidentally taught my son violence today. Or at least, tapped on it.

I was playing with these heavy plastic tiger and lion with him and got them 'fighting' with matching roars and stuff. That delighted my son. Later on, I started going after my son with the toys, roaring while tickling him with it. That delighted him further.

Then suddenly, he'd fuss and point to the toys and sign eat and point to the toys again. I knew he wasn't really asking me if he could eat the toys. So I went after him with the toys again. And he cheered and giggled and cackled with delight. When i'd stop, he'd sign EAT again. Amazing how he made the connection that the animals asre supposed to be eating him, right?

So I tried to insert his finger inside the tiger's open mouth and roar again. He'd say, "Oh no!" and laugh again.


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