Friday, April 17, 2009

What Moms Talk About

When mommies gather, what do they talk about?

1) Babies and Kids, of course. From pregnancy highs and post-partum blues. From breastfeeding to weaning and teething. What they feed their kids. What they don't. Their standards in choosing OBs, pediatricians and schools. Their favorite instructional videos and play gyms.

2) Losing weight (especially after delivery). The best diet pills or exercise regimen. Cleansing diets. Going organic. Healthier recipes.

3) Shopping. From kids' clothes to lush rugs. From pashmina shawls to the cutest pets. From brag bangles to the most expensive bags.

4) Relationships. In-laws. Husbands. Exes. Jealousy between kids. Sibling rivalry. Parents and how the dynamics have changed after we became parents ourselves. And how some things remained the same.

5) Gossip. From celebrities to common friends.

6) News.

7) Money. Handling it. Spending it. Saving it. Making it multiply.

8) Esteem. Because somehow, whether we're high-powered career women or stepford wives, we always seem to wonder if there's something better, greater we have to be doing.

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