Friday, May 8, 2009

Consider Tutors

If you know your child needs extra help with school work and you know you can't be the one to provide those extra hours of supervision and monitoring, then it's time you also consider hiring tutors.

Not all kids are bright and eager to learn, after all. That may be hard to face but it's still a reality that cannot and should not be denied. Look back at your child's previous school year. You may have worried over hair loss treatment for her, thinking it was physiological when it was really just psychological: stress. So be the loving parent you are and get help. Maybe your child only need a session each week, or you can start with three one-hour sessions each week that will gradually sink to one one-hour session per week as better study habits get reinforced in your child.

Get the money needed to finance this from the snacks and eating out allowance. This way, you may also become healthier in the process.

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