Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Expo Mom 2009

Hubs kidded me that it seems like it was a Baby Expo, considering our son was the one eating the samples given away and enjoying the stage with all the speakers. I told him, it's a commercial strategy of businesses to appeal to Mommies to Daddies (who have the money) in behalf of their kids' interests. Which is also why Father's Day isn't as celebrated as Mother's Day... it's still the Dads who have the greater purchasing power.

Good thing though that women have power over men. Hehe. But I digress.

I was disappointed that the Sign Language talk was moved the next day. I also wished there were more vendors since there are so many Mompreneurs now. I guess they should hold next year's event at a bigger venue. But still, it was a cool, fun, and interesting family thing to attend.

Registration cost P25/person and for that you get lots and lots of freebies. Think March issue of Baby Magazine, samples of cereals and drinks and chips, and bath & body products by J&J. You also get a chance to win cool raffle prizes from the vendors (anti-aging iPod, anyone?). And the talks are really engaging and helpful plus the kids literally get to see, do and try a lot of new things.

My friend even got a short breastfeeding lecture from the Medela people.

And yes, products are being sold at discounted prices!

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Toni said...

Was that friend me? Hehehe.

I wish there were more stalls that catered to pregnant women!