Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Great Thing

One really great thing working for mommies everywhere right now is that leaps and bounds have been made in medicine. Women can now have kids in their 40s safely. Preemies are more likely to survive. Congenital anomalies are detected and resolved earlier.

Other medical and psychological problems have treatments and support groups available. And literature is available for everyone who needs more information.

Mommies also need not dread their menopausal years or other maladies like heart attack and diabetes as much as before, and as such need not worry about making their kids orphans or compromising their ftures. Cancer is also not the evil that it was before, with Mesothelioma treatment and other therapies available and continually being develooped and improved upon.

Now if only we'd all really live healthier lifestyles, then am sure we'd also be happier too.

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