Sunday, May 24, 2009

How Priorities Change

I can still remember a time when one of the most important things in my (and my peers') life is looking at diamond engagement rings and wondering if we'd ever get any.

And then came a time when we were planning our weddings like it was a Presidential Inauguration. Like our lives depended on it.

But now, I spend more time looking at baby clothes and shoes than I do checking myself in the mirror. I spend more time browsing for kids products online than I do blogging. I spend more, literally, on things for my son. And I scout for more instructional videos and books and activities for him.

And the reward I seek for all these? A big smile from him and a good day with him.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true. It is amazing how your priorities change and as baby growns it keeps changing. While I was pregnant with my son I said a lot of things about how things were going to be and man was I wrong. Every journey in your life changes that proitity and it is a great thing!