Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Am sure a lot of husbands are hoping that they have money for expensive trips that will include enjoyment of Las Vegas hotels and Caribbean suns. But really, with this recession, I am sure no mother will also risk their family's financial security in such splurges.

So hubbies/dads... keep it simple. I believe a brag bangle that came a week or two late will still be most welcome. Or digiscrapped pictures framed nicely (like a collage of pictures of the mommy with all her kids).

There are even book sales now where helpful books on potty training, breastfeeding, and toddler activities can come as cheap as P50. That and a massage certificate is sure to be appreciated.

Now, I told hubby to exert effort for his gift for me. I told him it need not be expensive, but there should be effort. And really, I meant what I said that i'd be happy to just camp in bed the whole day, with the A/C on and he's just caressing me all day.

I could ask him to babysit the whole day but I love him and our son too much so I will spare them the trauma. Hehe.

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