Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Labor Induction

Labor induction is on the rise and this is potentially dangerous to both mother and child.

"We now know that every week of gestation counts in terms of brain and lung development. When there is no good reason to end pregnancy, mothers and babies benefit from waiting for labor to begin on its own," said Carol Sakala, Director of Programs, Childbirth Connection. "Starting labor early can lead to negative outcomes for the woman and/or baby."

I guess the same should also give those thinking of C-sections pause. I am somehow guilty of this because we chose to have a C-section rather than wait for labor to begin (but I was past 40 weeks and my cervix remained closed then). Then again, eventhough it's surgery, I think i'd still rather have a C-section than be induced when my body is not laboring, lightening, dilating on its own. That will save me and my baby stress!

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pinky said...

Who is Carol Sakala? And what makes her the authority? There are a lot of things we simply do not know about childbirth and should continue to investigate.

You have a point. Is it better to C-section a woman or induce her for 3 days? The 3 day induction seems a bit like torture to me. I personally would not want a C-section but I cannot speak for everyone. The fear I have with the C-section rate increasing is not the health of the baby but the health of the Mother. I think with rising C-section rates we will begin to have rising maternal deaths. It is major abdominal surgery.