Saturday, May 9, 2009

Playing Mom

I went to Lipa yesterday to bring old textbooks which my niece should review to keep her abreast of her would-be peers in La Salle (she's coming from a public school background). I also took her shopping for school supplies.

My... it's been years since I last shopped like that. I had no idea what's necessary anymore and what isn't. Good thing National Bookstore had this island of sorts of the necessities, like compass and dictionary and crayons and pencils and paper and other art materials. So I knew that I need not ponder on the merits of buying her a box cutter or anything like that.

It was lovely playing Mom. And what a contrast that I could offer her a complete set of what she needs, and all new at that. I never really had that luxury when I was growing up. I just hope I can give the same to my kids in future. Then again, my niece did win this scholarship through her own efforts and I was just rewarding her diligence.

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