Sunday, June 7, 2009

Drawing An Age Line

I know I cannot really comprehend the longing for a biological child, because I was blessed with one. And I do commend those who put themselves out there to try and have one, because every child should be so wanted. But true, I also hope sometimes that people will choose to adopt more than spend years and money and emotions in trying for a biological child.

And despite the leaps and bounds medical science has made where obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics are concerned, I still think women should draw an age line (as well as medical people and institutions) for becoming mothers. Preferably between 20-45? So that no child will become just some baggage from a teen pregnancy and hasty first marriage... and no child should have to actually grow up watching their parents succumb to ill health and death?

Britain recently reported a 66-year old first time Mom who went to another country to pursue fertility treatments. I think that's just wrong. I think wanting to have a child is a plain, selfish reason. Wanting to be a parent is the better reason, and part of being a good one is to be able to give the best you can offer to your child. To actually be there to raise him. In this case, before the son even enters first grade, his mother could be dead. How is that responsible? How is that love?


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