Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hammock Fancy

These are hammocks at the Arugaan Creche run by a serious lactivist that i've grown to admire, Nanay Innes. She's a grandmother with a mission, to make breastfeeding the norm, two breasts at a time, and to protect the Filipino culture and health through the consumption of organic food. She's a vegan who always appeals to her audience to patronize local produce and support our Filipino farmers.

Anyway, she had these custom-made in Nueva Ecija, I think. They can accommodate babies up to three years and are supported by low, wooden structures. It's actually a very wise design, for in the event a child falls off the crib, he wouldn't have that far to fall from. Same reason why some setup their hammocks right over the family bed: sleeping parents can swing it while half-asleep, mommies need not get up to get to a hungry baby, and babies won't fall from a high place in case they get too wriggly in the hammock (usually made from a blanket).

I've told hubs I want one like this for our next child. Hopefully, we'd have the space for it (maybe some plastic chests can go).

Yakee's didn't really work for us eh.

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