Monday, June 22, 2009

Happiness Over Poop

It sounds crazy but it's true. My son's poop spells my happiness somewhat. And since i'm a SAHM, I know my son's constitution very much.

It was end of May when Yakee started being constipated. His poop just wasn't what it used to be eventhough there wasn't a big change in his diet. We still mostly ate homecooked meals and he drinks lots of milk. Then we bought some apples last Wednesday and he became constipated big time after that. Enough to really be straining and only pooping small pieces at a time.

I was so stressed. Since I was constipated as a kid, I knew how terrible it is to strain. So it broke my heart when my son would strain and nothing will come out, when he didn't even have to really strain before. Sigh. I go for hours just thinking about his poop.

I have been close to force-feeding him yogurt and probiotic drinks everyday. And after lunch today, he pooped without noticeable strain. My heart started singing again. No more apples for him and certainly, more papaya shakes!

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