Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Don't Have a Girl (yet)

But I hope that, sons and daughters of mine will grow up with a healthier attitude towards beauty and self-esteem. That they won't measure a person's worth by apearances, and that their perceptions won't be perverted (like thinking an unwrinkled face is beautiful).

The news of a Mom addicted to Botox (seriously, don't the friends and family of people like her tell her she actually doesn't look good at all?) who gifted her 18-year old daughter with Botox injections (making her teener addicted as well) is making the rounds. It's actually very laughable if it also isn't very sad. Because this is the kind of society where our sons and daughters are growing up. Men aren't even turned off by breast implants anymore. They even gift their girlfriends with them. There are sites even where women without money for the breast augmentations can sign up and greet donor men.

Sick. Perverted. Hopefully, my kids won't be like them.


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