Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Takes Imagination

The tech-savvy moms of today usually employ the use of ipods to entertain their kids. They save favorite songs there, and favorite videos. And they just sit and cuddle and watch.

Well, I don't have an Ipod. And when I do get around to using my mp4 player, I really don't like having to share it with my son because it's quiet, ME time for me. So I have to be imaginative when I want to bond with him. Sure, we watch videos together (how else would I also learn sign language and all the Signing Time songs?) but we also read a lot together. He already knows Amelia Bedelia books (his favorite is the one with the baby). And we play ball, a lot. I throw and catch, he jumps around watching me play.

He also makes me ride one of his toy cars while he rides the other. And he uses my body as a play gym. The point is, it takes imagination and a lot of willingness to play with him. Bo Sanchez said that "it is not bonding, not quality time, if hearts aren't engaged". So I keep that in mind and make sure, we're engaged.

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