Monday, June 29, 2009

Worried About Little Girls

We were watching Wowowee when the camera panned onto a dancing girl who was probably not more than 6 years old. She was dancing like a whore in a girlie bar. Willie interviewed the Mom and she said her little girl learned it from their gay neighbors. Willie had the girl dance again and she did with gusto, complete with horrible f*ck-me facial expressions. I was aghast! And enraged!

Willie did say that if she were her daughter, he'd have shaved her head (or something like that).

Anyway, that is the really weird thing about parents these days. They dress up their kids in slutty outfits, can't wait to buy them makeup and such, and then ten-fifteen years down the line, they will rage over teenage pregnancy and their daughter's promiscuity. Wtf!

It's the moms especially who must be clear on how they want their daughters to grow up. Letting them watch Hannah Montana and hung up on Bratz and Barbie isn't helping them any! And no, i'm not against little girls playing princesses and beauty queens exactly, I just want them to be raised to know they're worth more than their looks, and their ability to attract attention (sexual or otherwise).

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