Thursday, July 30, 2009

Technology Disadvantage

Many mothers are attracted by phones offering gps systems
Many teeners, without their permission or knowledge sometimes, are being caught on video or cam in compromising or embarassing situations. These then get sent out to the world wide web. Sometimes, it can just be a moment's source of shame, but for some, it's like a ghost from the past haunting them when they need it the least (like when they're applying for a college or job). Some teeners have also gotten to using the camera phone as a tool to exploit their fellow minors. In the U.S., it can land them in jail and may even earn them the title "sex offender".

Technology's advantage and disadvantage are the same: it makes things easy. So in the same breadth that it makes research easy, it also makes having your child corrupted or violtaed easy. So parents, watch out and take care. And make sure your child is aware.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Praying for Her

A baby girl was born with two heads and is currently being monitored.

I can only say that I feel for the family and that i've been saying a prayer for them ever since I heard this news. Heaven alone knows if this baby can be saved.

Monday, July 27, 2009

On Second Babies

A Plurk Mommy I know was lamenting the other day that her newborn has less pictures than her firstborn. Other moms who have second and third kids (or who were second and third kids) joined in and said their lot was the same. Understandably enough, this must be true because of two reasons:

1) Mommy has less time to take pictures because there is one or two other older children clamoring for time and attention (aside from more messes to clean up, of course);

2) Older child is in half of the pictures you take of the second (or subsequent) child

Anyway, I countered that though I had many, many pictures when I was a child, having pictures developed then was still very expensive. We only had a camera because my father was an OFW and could therefore afford one. And I really believed that our youngest had the most pics because not only was film and developing cheaper during her time (more colored too!), I was also old enough to be taking her pictures as well!

Anyway, as an eldest with a firstborn, I am very aware of the privileges that a firstborn enjoys. But my innate need to make things fair and balanced is also already adamant that my subsequent children will get to enjoy as much of Mommy as the eldest did. Of course, they will come into this world having to share me already. But still, I insist they will not be shortchanged, which is why I really want to have them all already before I turn 35.

Anyway, here's an amusing article on Precious Firstborns and Neglected Subsequent Children

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Babies Become Bilingual

Here's a great article on how babies become bilingual easily...

I taught my son sign language and we (his parents) talk to him in English while he learns Filipino hearing us speak among ourselves. And even before he was 18 months, his vocabulary was good, if not great. Sign language and two languages didn't hamper him at all in learning to communicate, and later on, learning to verbalize.

Detox Time

Spending five days in Boracay meant that we were generally eating out all the time. And though we tried to stick to healthier options (like always having sinigang broth for my son), it was still a cholesterol-laden feast that we had that taking phenocal may seem like a good idea. Especially if you consider topping seafood buffets with Starbucks frappes or Jonah's milkshakes.

We say we know better next time we go there. Hopefully, we will practice what we supposedly know so we wouldn't feel as bloated after a vacation. Now, it's really broths and fish and veggies here at home because we have to get all the ingested toxins out!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After a Vacation

My son was such a trooper the whole time we were in Boracay, eventhough he had to enjoy the beach together with some rain most of the time we were there. He was just as happy as a lark that I allowed myself to relax from all the usual motherly fears of him getting sick.

Then he started running a low-grade fever in Kalibo yesterday. It certainly made me think of all the things I did that was possibly wrong, whether we need to invest in Medicare supplement or not and should I bring him to the doctor already or not. I also wondered if he could have caught the Swine Flu virus from among the many tourists in Boracay or it's just the usual cold virus finally catching up on him.

So apart from dealing with laundry, an excitable baby who misses all the activity we had for days, I also have to attend to a sick baby. Story of probably 50% of moms after a vacation.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The More You Become a Mom

... the less you insist on the wifely things.

Like before, I was bent on a 10th wedding anniversary renewal ceremony, complete with wedding invitations, church ceremony, wedding gown and reception. But now, I am hoping we have all the kids we want already by then and we're pretty stable and that we could go to Rome instead. Or Greece. Or maybe that Harry Potter fantasyland they're building in Florida.

Because now, what's important is staying and bonding together as a family. I'm just really lucky to have a loving husband... who is now entertaining our son just so I can have my way with the internet.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mommy Talk Live! Mall Tour

Celebrity Moms and family experts are touring SM supermalls to talk about tips and issues on motherhood, including entertainment, fun and games. The talk is held at 2:00-5:00 PM and the remaining dates and venues are as follows:

July 18 (Sat) SM City Marikina
August 1 (Sat) SM Megamall
August 15 (Sat) SM City Manila
August 29 (Sat) SM Mall of Asia
September 12 (Sat) SM City Sta. Mesa

No registration required!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Liking Mom Center

When I first became pregnant, I started subscribing to Babycenter and WhattoExpect :) I read WhattoExpect's e-mails but I really never got to enjoy Babycenter's articles. And of course, I was 'forced' to also sign up for Babycenter Philippines and Baby Central.

Recently, I signed up for a Momcenter account so I can join a contest they had. But I am really liking having subscribed to them because I get updated with sales and seminars and everything else a Mom will be interested over. And I do like their HELP ME DECIDE thingie where I can express my very opinionated thoughts :)

Maybe you'd like to subscribe too?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Laetitia Casta, Preggy In Bikini

Check out these pics of Laetitia Casta in bikini and really, really pregnant. I think the last celebrity as empowered as she is shown here was Demi Moore (well, okay, Denise Richards was also cool showing off her baby bump, I think she started that).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Giving in to tantrums is what spoils a child

I got the above from Dr. Greene's discussion of temper tantrums.

Giving in to tantrums is what spoils a child. Giving in is the easiest, quickest solution in the short run, but it damages your child, prolongs this phase, and ultimately creates far more discomfort for you.

Sometimes, I really ask myself if i'm just power struggling with my son or not. But I rarely give in to tantrums. At the grocery, I silently pray the floor will swallow us whole, berate myself for bringing my son along, and just continue holding him. I have been training myself not to care if others look at us as if we should be embaraased.

And Yakee is far from a spoiled child. But he is 21 months old now and very, very stubborn and independent that it's hard to get him to stop, pay attention or listen half the time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Infant Abandonment on a Potty

A woman gave birth inside a port-a-potty, leaves her baby inside the toilet, comes out to ask for a cigarette and mentions casually that people shouldn't go inside since she's just given birth there. A 911 call was made and the baby was rescued (the baby was also probably saved by all the trash in the potty which prevented it from drowning).

Now... I am trying to come around to the idea of restorative justice but I think parents like this should at least be made infertile as one of the natural consequences they'd have to face for committing such a crime. Rehabilitate such people all you want but never give them again their right to a child. Let them volunteer instead or babysit, but never give them the privilege again of being responsible for a life!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quitting the Couch

The fact is, even the best diet pills won't work if mothers do not quit the couch and start moving around and getting some exercise. And unfortunately for some, even household chores won't cut it, they really need vigorous workout in order to burn the post-pregnancy weight off.

Some moms get creative. They continue doing their chores but they add a twist to them. They polish the floor using both legs to get both worked out. They use the baby as weights (and it's play for baby too!). Some brisk walk in the mall as they do errands.

Creativity and resourcefulness will pay off. And some amount of resistance. But really, it's all about quitting the couch!

If You Were The Victim's Mom

Say your child was the victim of a crime made by a minor. Do you think you can have the heart to remember that the perpetrator was a minor, and therefore, still a child too? Do you think you can be considerate and think that child is also just a victim of his circumstances? Do you think you can forgive? Show mercy?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gentle Wake Up Call

I let my kid roam while he eats. I also let him watch TV sometimes while he eats and roams. And I let my cousin force him (by distracting him with TV or a stay outside) to eat a bowlfull of food during mealtimes.

All wrong.

Because I am not teaching him to respect the dining table and mealtime (which also shouldn't last for more than 30 minutes). I am not teaching him to value the ritual of eating with the family. I am not teaching him to listen to his own fullness cues.

But of course, I still am doing some things right. I mean, he eats generally healthy meals (mostly rice, veggies, fruits and fish). He can feed himself and is allowed to do so, provided he isn't playing with his food. He's a healthy weight and doesn't seem to have issues about food (yet).

But still, I was given a nudge at the 33rd Pedia Talk Live. And I shall heed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby Magazine's July Issue: Grab A Copy

This is super shameless plug but do get a copy of Baby Magazine's July issue to read the article I wrote on Dads and Breastfeeding. If that's not enough reason to spend P150 for, then buy a copy for the Educhild article on self-esteem because it is very, very enlightening!

Basically, it says that a high self-esteem does not always translate into achievements. I guess esteem is either of two things, knowing what is and knowing what can be done. Knowing one is smart and loved does not always mean one will make good, responsible decisions. But knowing one can make choices and changes to improve things for oneself can result in brilliance and happiness.

Go, go, go... buy na!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Aqua Boy

My son loves the water. Unfortunately, he isn't fond of drinking it from a cup I offer him, one I made sure is clean. And when I give him baths, this love for water becomes a problem because he drinks it however which way. He opens his mouth to catch what's coming out of the shower head. He sticks out his tongue under the bathroom faucet. He uses his stacking cups or the tabo to drink his bath water. Or he tries to ingest what's in his baby bath dispenser. He even bends forward to lick at bubbles and sip bath water.


It's a wonder he's never had LBM from these episodes!