Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After a Vacation

My son was such a trooper the whole time we were in Boracay, eventhough he had to enjoy the beach together with some rain most of the time we were there. He was just as happy as a lark that I allowed myself to relax from all the usual motherly fears of him getting sick.

Then he started running a low-grade fever in Kalibo yesterday. It certainly made me think of all the things I did that was possibly wrong, whether we need to invest in Medicare supplement or not and should I bring him to the doctor already or not. I also wondered if he could have caught the Swine Flu virus from among the many tourists in Boracay or it's just the usual cold virus finally catching up on him.

So apart from dealing with laundry, an excitable baby who misses all the activity we had for days, I also have to attend to a sick baby. Story of probably 50% of moms after a vacation.

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