Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gentle Wake Up Call

I let my kid roam while he eats. I also let him watch TV sometimes while he eats and roams. And I let my cousin force him (by distracting him with TV or a stay outside) to eat a bowlfull of food during mealtimes.

All wrong.

Because I am not teaching him to respect the dining table and mealtime (which also shouldn't last for more than 30 minutes). I am not teaching him to value the ritual of eating with the family. I am not teaching him to listen to his own fullness cues.

But of course, I still am doing some things right. I mean, he eats generally healthy meals (mostly rice, veggies, fruits and fish). He can feed himself and is allowed to do so, provided he isn't playing with his food. He's a healthy weight and doesn't seem to have issues about food (yet).

But still, I was given a nudge at the 33rd Pedia Talk Live. And I shall heed.

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