Friday, July 10, 2009

Giving in to tantrums is what spoils a child

I got the above from Dr. Greene's discussion of temper tantrums.

Giving in to tantrums is what spoils a child. Giving in is the easiest, quickest solution in the short run, but it damages your child, prolongs this phase, and ultimately creates far more discomfort for you.

Sometimes, I really ask myself if i'm just power struggling with my son or not. But I rarely give in to tantrums. At the grocery, I silently pray the floor will swallow us whole, berate myself for bringing my son along, and just continue holding him. I have been training myself not to care if others look at us as if we should be embaraased.

And Yakee is far from a spoiled child. But he is 21 months old now and very, very stubborn and independent that it's hard to get him to stop, pay attention or listen half the time.

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