Monday, July 27, 2009

On Second Babies

A Plurk Mommy I know was lamenting the other day that her newborn has less pictures than her firstborn. Other moms who have second and third kids (or who were second and third kids) joined in and said their lot was the same. Understandably enough, this must be true because of two reasons:

1) Mommy has less time to take pictures because there is one or two other older children clamoring for time and attention (aside from more messes to clean up, of course);

2) Older child is in half of the pictures you take of the second (or subsequent) child

Anyway, I countered that though I had many, many pictures when I was a child, having pictures developed then was still very expensive. We only had a camera because my father was an OFW and could therefore afford one. And I really believed that our youngest had the most pics because not only was film and developing cheaper during her time (more colored too!), I was also old enough to be taking her pictures as well!

Anyway, as an eldest with a firstborn, I am very aware of the privileges that a firstborn enjoys. But my innate need to make things fair and balanced is also already adamant that my subsequent children will get to enjoy as much of Mommy as the eldest did. Of course, they will come into this world having to share me already. But still, I insist they will not be shortchanged, which is why I really want to have them all already before I turn 35.

Anyway, here's an amusing article on Precious Firstborns and Neglected Subsequent Children

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