Thursday, July 30, 2009

Technology Disadvantage

Many mothers are attracted by phones offering gps systems
Many teeners, without their permission or knowledge sometimes, are being caught on video or cam in compromising or embarassing situations. These then get sent out to the world wide web. Sometimes, it can just be a moment's source of shame, but for some, it's like a ghost from the past haunting them when they need it the least (like when they're applying for a college or job). Some teeners have also gotten to using the camera phone as a tool to exploit their fellow minors. In the U.S., it can land them in jail and may even earn them the title "sex offender".

Technology's advantage and disadvantage are the same: it makes things easy. So in the same breadth that it makes research easy, it also makes having your child corrupted or violtaed easy. So parents, watch out and take care. And make sure your child is aware.

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