Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Ber Months Are Coming

Already, it's middle of August. The BER months are coming and before I know it, i'd have to be trimming the Christmas tree already for my son while other people will be sending out Christmas party invitations. Oh and I have actually already started saving one-peso coins for Christmas carollers which are sure to entertain my son again.

I also have to save up for a new guitar for my son because I accidentally sat on his coco-shell guitar (the one we bought in Boracay). Lost my balance when he pushed me while I was squat-dancing with him yesterday. I really feel awful whenever he picks it up and starts making those mewling, crying noises as if he's very, very sad. Sigh.

And I have started planning our itinerary for the birthday celeb we'd have this October (my 32nd and Yakee's 2nd). And am also wondering where to get money for an anniversary trip come January (because hubs cannot go on leave this December). Yes, so many trips, so little money. Hehe. And we have four months to really go through with our plan to purchase our own property.

The BER months are coming and this year will end soon. I try not to dwell on whether I was productive this year or not, but I know I have been blessed with so much.

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