Monday, August 17, 2009

Exercise, Mommy, Exercise

I actually am a little ahead of the game. We already have an exercise equipment here at home, in the form of a treadmill. And am pretty near a plaza where I can go running, and Baywalk if I wanted a longer stretch.

Plus, I generally eat good, homecooked meals.

So there's really no reason for me to be getting heavier and heavier. I think, aside from breastfeeding, it's also the reason why am not getting pregnant. And now my back is already complaining, my hips too, over any slightly strenuous activity (like carrying my son).

I should exercise! I need to lose weight. The news that a friend (who is a healthier person than I am) is requiring emergency CS now for her pregnancy (of seven months) has got me scared. I already had a difficult pregnancy. I don't want my second one, which will happen to an older body, to be more difficult because Yakee is already here to depend on me too.

Exercise, Mommy, exercise!

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