Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recent Constant Struggle

I have yet to check if the "terrible two's" phase includes a drive for tots to keep on nursing even while they've fallen asleep. See, i've already gotten to a place where my son was okay with letting go of the breast after he's fallen asleep... but now, we're struggling again. No matter how deeply he's already fallen asleep, he'd really wake up and start throwing tantrums if he's not latched onto the breast.

And i've always been unable to sleep in the side lying breastfeeding position.

And of course I want to have my body back after each nursing.

And my son keeps waking up again if am not there beside him as he sleeps. I thought that radar has broken already for good, but now it's back and its causing both of us stress. Because I can't have ME time when he's awake and engaging me in play, but he also refuses to allow me some ME time while he sleeps. Sigh.

And even hubs is getting stressed from lack of sleep.

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